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MODEL #: FileLock   |   PART #: FL100W010T-L   |   LIST PRICE: $13,00.00   |   BROCHURE
A Cost-Effective Solution for Data Archiving
Banking, government, health care and other similar industries often require a robust and compliant file protection system. Fortunately for these sectors, FileLock provides the ideal set of archiving capabilities to address compliance and long term date retention.

Safeguarding business data is an essential compliance policy for GRAU DATA. Now that data has extended life cycles, it is imperative that data is maintained and secured for any period of time. FileLock is a hardware-independent software product which ensures WORM functionality based on standard hard disk systems. FileLock is a perfect solution for:

  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Document Management
  • Financial and banking records (FINRA, SEC, FSA)
  • Government (Freedom of Information Act, “Sunshine Laws”)
  • Education (FERPA)
  • Business records and audits (FRCP)
  • Medical records, images and billing records (HIPAA, HITECH)
  • Video and Voice Recording
  • Video Surveillance
  • Email Archiving
  • And more!

FileLock emerges as the perfect data archiving solution when it comes to storing data in an unalterable format with compliance regulations in accordance with country or local legal requirements. And not only is it the ideal solution for such a task - it is also cost-effective!

Easy to install and configure, FileLock can be used on any Windows based server and storage system and provides compliance functionality on standard dish systems for any vendor. Files stored in a standard Windows NTFS file system are managed by FileLock, providing WORM protection based on defined policies. Users and applications continue to use their normal data access methods. The archived data is directly available to the user via the standard NTFS file system.

Files managed by FileLock may be written once into the standard file system, but are protected from being changed, overwritten or deleted. This protection lasts for the lifetime of the file defined by the retention time. After the retention time is expired, the file may be deleted, but never modified.

Product Highlights:

  • Compliant - Files are WORM locked following predefined policies.
  • Open - Free selection of Windows server and storage type, no proprietary hardware required.
  • Investment Protection - utilize existing IT infrastructure.
  • Transparent - access WORM storage via users or applications without change, locally or via network (e.g. CIFS, NFS). No proprietary APIs required.
  • Flexible - facilitates both WORM and non-WORM data on same volume, with flexible policies applied at folder or file level.
  • Scalable - Add WORM capacity as capacity needs increase
  • Feature Rich
  • VMWare “ready”
  • Cluster capable
  • Secure “Compliance Clock” to protect against clock manipulation
  • Built-in compliant file replication (local or network based)
  • Supports fixed or removable media

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