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Paperless with Mobile Intelligent Data Capture for the Holidays!

Mi-Co has a gift for you!

As an ECM solution provider, how often can you give a gift of lower costs, less errors, higher profits, and greater customer satisfaction quickly, inexpensively, and easily?

What does it mean when you no longer have to route paper, scan paper, data enter from images, and destroy paper to support a document intensive business process?

To answer these questions we normally open a session in our return on investment calculator and enter detailed application information about volumes, workflow, characters, fields, technology costs, labor costs and more.   However the story is always the same: Mobile Intelligent Data Capture as we call it at Mi-Co leads to greater profits, lower costs, less errors, happier customers, and more.

Let's take a mobility quiz: Your client has 600 vehicles delivering your products to your customers from 50 locations, do you:
  1. Gather paper from your drivers and Ship the paper to a central location for processing?
  2. Gather paper from your drivers and scan remotely from their regional office (50)?
  3. Use and Android, IOS, or Windows tablet to capture information at the point of origin?
Certainly, all of these architectures are in place in business today and beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

However, at Mi-CO and early adopters like FedEX and UPS, the benefits of option C are as easy as 1-2-3.
  1. Lower Costs: Costs are reduced as data does not have to be scanned and keyed to recapture information already captured on paper.
  2. Speed: Business process acceleration is achieved as the data is routed directly into the ERP/ECM platform without delay, omissions, or loss.
  3. Accuracy: Mobile Intelligent Data Capture technology such as Mi-Co’s has the ability to validate data captured to prevent incomplete or inaccurate information from reaching the business application.
We could discuss the business impact of being able to capture rich data in photo's, voice, GPS, RFID, handwriting, ….but that would be unfair and overkill against our old friend paper.

A recent article states that there are more mobile devices in the world today than toothbrushes and growth continues exponentially. Eventually, every mobile device, tablets, and smartphone will be an intelligent mobile capture device.   What does it mean when everyone in an organization has or is supplied with a smartphone or tablet?

Paper, you have some steep competition!  Mobile Intelligent Data Capture is here to stay and it's easy to sell, fast, and accurate!
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