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MODEL #: 4 BAY WORM   |   PART #: W4U-4E   |   LIST PRICE: $36,360.00   |   BROCHURE
Fast Alternative Storage to Meet Compliance Requirements
The Idealstor WORM appliance is an all-in-one archiving system designed to protect your critical data against accidental, premature, or malicious alteration or deletion. It is an easy to use, cost-effective solution, to meet country specific compliance requirements, by storing business relevant data in an unalterable format.

With RAW capacity of up to 32TB and speeds up to 6 GBs per cartridge, the Idealstor WORM solution offers the largest and the fastest removable WORM disk on the market.

WORM storage (Write Once Read Many) is a data storage technology that allows information to be written to storage media a single time, preventing the user from accidentally or intentionally altering or erasing the data.

WORM technology has become the de facto standard in addressing regulatory requirements such as SEC 17a-4, NASD 3110 (now FINRA), DOD 5015, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPAA to name a few. Failure to comply, can result is heavy financial penalties.

"The Idealstor WORM Appliance is the first of its kind to combine the speed of disk with the portability of optical media."

The WORM disks can be either left in the system for nearline access, or removed for disaster recovery or audit compliant archiving of company data according to country regulations.

Data can be accessed using the file system without requiring any proprietary API. Every application can write or read data to the Idealstor WORM disk, via CIFS or NFS. The users can continue to use their normal data access methods to access the archived data, but cannot modify or alter it.

The Idealstor WORM appliance is ideal for archiving data, meeting compliance requirements and also migrating data from technically outdated jukeboxes.

Key Benefits:
  • Current Max Capacity - 16 TB

  • Fast - Speeds up to 6GBs per disk cartridge with seek times less than 10 ms.

  • Scalable - Filled WORM cartridges can be taken offline for archival and replaced with new cartridges as required.

  • Flexible - Can use WORM and NON WORM cartridges in the same system. Administrator can set policy at the root level of the disk or at the 1st folder level.

  • Portable- Cartridges can be removed for archival and disaster recovery.

  • Easy to Use - Runs Windows operating system, the OS of choice for most system administrators.

  • Easy Access - Every application can write data, via CIFS or NFS, directly to a file system. No proprietary API is required. The users can access archived data directly from the file system.

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